People just want a neighborhood family spot where they know they can get a good breakfast!

Our Story

We bring family eating outside your home. This 'Family Restaurant' is exactly what it

says- a place for families to meet, eat and enjoy life! We offer the pleasures of home

cooked food and coffee without the mess to clean up or the stress of having children

out at a restaurant. Plus - being voted Best of Long Island for over 5 years in a row must

mean something! Come try it for yourself....

Rise and Shine and ready for you 5:30 am every weekday. A perfect stop on the way to

work, with 'To Go' only specials or come by midday for Daily lunch specials. Daily

Blue Plate Special is made fresh and served on an actual blue plate – it will help your

stomach smile as much as your face! Don't forget about Saturdays, come on by to get

the weekend started out the right way-with a full happy stomach!

                                                          With great food – the atmosphere in CJ's makes it that

                                                          much more fun. It is an old school luncheonette with a

                                                          counter, stools, and memorabilia on the walls.

                                                          Family owned – you become part of the family once you eat here. Be sure to stop by                                                           and meet the family – as the sign in the window says “If You Don’t Eat Here We Will Both                                                           Starve”- so your visit here is as much for you as it is for them! Enjoy!

                                                          What are you waiting for?  Come on in.....C.J.’s is open 6 days a week- Monday to                                                           Friday from 5 am to 3 pm and Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm. The time doesn’t matter                                                           because all of the dishes are made to order to satisfy each and every individual who                                                           walks through the door.

Don't believe us- here from our customer….."Obviously, we go to a luncheonette because we want a meal that is satisfying and well-priced. C.J.’s fits the bill in both areas. The food is consistently fresh and tasty. Different specials are offered on a daily basis. The chef is an amazing and puts together dishes that make our mouths water. The homemade soups are seasoned to perfection, and the desire for a second helping is not a rarity." (Margaret)

"Great food, consistent service and wonderful wait staff!" (John)